YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube video optimization

Welcome!  If you landed on this post you must be interested in learning more about

“YouTube video optimization”!


Optimizing your video means the same as SEO for YouTube channel (Search Engine Optimization), this is how to rank YouTube videos on Google.


The reason people go to YouTube; to search for entertainment, search for information, or search how to do something, right?


So by optimizing our videos, we are helping our fans or followers find our videos, sound easy enough?


Can you see why this is hugely important for the success of your YouTube channel views?  If your videos are not optimized, they will land on the videos that are.


To demonstrate “YouTube video optimization” I will explain step by step and then we’ll look at the results. 


We will talk about your title, description, tags, and your call to action.  No worries if you have no idea what that means, we’ll cover each as we come to it.


I am creating this post and video about my dear friend who happens to be a fabulous singer. While we were sitting on a sidewalk in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Luciano sang a few songs to a small group of us.


I shot two videos with my cell phone and that is what I’ll use to demonstrate “YouTube Video Optimization”.   


Luciano performs live on stage where he lives in, San Juan, Argentina.   

Luciano Sagua


For those reading or watching and you’re not a professional singer; these methods apply to all businesses, all sizes, all industries.


Begin with Your Video Title: 


Each title should contain a good keyword phrase.  We won’t have time in this video to go into detail about keywords or keyword phrases but I’ll include a link in the description to a previous video that covers “How to Do A Keyword Search”.


Your title should cover exactly what the video is about.  And in Luciano’s case, since our goal is to generate more visibility for him and his name is his brand.  Most of his titles will be his name and the song title he is singing.


Other videos that may include other content, is when the keyword phrases are most important. One exception is if Luciano was performing at the same location every time, or if it was at a very famous venue, we may want to include that name in the title. Always use the extra Google juice to get more viewers to your channel, only if it actually pertains to your video.


For this title, we will use:  Luciano video is singing Zamba Para Olvidar


And as Luciano becomes even more famous, which he is, we may also include words like (official video) to each title.


Next, the Description:


In the description area, we will include only pertinent information that talks about the video.  The description should be fairly short, using only quality information.  Meaning, do not use a bunch of fluff or empty words.


If other prominent names were present in the video or the location where the video or show took place, it’s a place where you perform routinely or the location of the video is well known,  then include it.


Whatever you want to draw attention to or benefit from the Google juice it will provide; then include that information, only if it applies.


The words you use, provided they are keyword worthy, will draw more viewers to your channel, you may want to thank the well-known place for having you there or mention the name if it’s noteworthy.


Example:  Music video by Luciano Sagua performing (or singing) Zamba Para Olvidar this is where we may add the location, only if you want to draw attention to the place.  The city & state should be used for sure.


Call To Action


We are still within the description area where you will add your call to action.  Your main call to action should actually go on the first or second line at the top of your description.


For each video, decide what you would like your viewers to do after watching your video?


 “Call to Action” options to consider: 

  • Provide a link to your website)
  • Ask them to follow or like your Facebook page (create a page, rather than use your personal profile.
  • Share a link, ask them to subscribe to your channel.
  •  Give a link to where they may purchase your latest release
  • Give them a link to opt-in to your email list



Follow Luciano Sagua:

Facebook: https: //



YouTube Channel:


Place the option (s) you prefer in the description area for each video and of course, tweak them to fit your brand or industry.  Give clear, concise, and brief instructions on what you would like your viewer to do next (call to action).


Some choose to copy and paste all their social channels into every video description as well into the channel information, itself.  If you use them all, use the most desired “call to action” on the 1st or 2nd line at the top of the description box. It may be your web site URL or a link to opt-in to your email list.


It helps to keep a document with all the words and hashtags that you may easily copy and paste where needed.  It’s simple to add or remove words for each new video.


Hashtag Example:  #LucianoSagua #SanJuan #Argentina #PopLatino #LatínPop #musician #music #songs #PlayadelCarmen #ZambaParaOlvidar


In the description, write all that is important about the video. If there are important names such as the name of the place where you are performing or other people, playing with you, include their names.  Especially if they also have a big following.  This will draw more attention to your channel.


Now For the Tagging


Underneath the description area, inside the box, we are going to use the words without the hashtag, and instead, comma separated.


Like this:

Luciano Sagua, San Juan, Argentina, Pop Latino, Latín Pop, musician, music, songs, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Zamba Para Olvidar


Luciano Sagua


Customize Your Channel URL


As a singer, branding your name is a good idea.  Luciano, your YouTube channel name is perfect as is.


Your YouTube channel URL name should eventually look like this:   /user/ LucianoSagua


No worries, YouTube has changed the ability to create a custom URL until a channel has a minimum of 100 subscribers.  Once you have 100 subscriber’s, we will request your name be included in your customized URL address.


How to Build Your YouTube Subscribers


  • During every video ask your audience to subscribe to your channel.
  • All performances and events should be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but well worth your time.
  • The more often you post, the more people will be alerted and your numbers will begin to multiply at a faster rate than what is possible in person.
  • All live performances should end with a request to subscribe, some may do it right then.
  • Feed all your social platforms daily, invite them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Provide a link to your channel for their convenience. This is the purpose of social sites yet people rarely utilize to their full potential. 
  • Subscribe to channels that are similar to yours.  Type their name into YT search bar. If they have a YT account, their channel should appear.
  • Watch their videos and give a “thumbs up” only if you truly like it.  
  • Leave a comment only if it’s sincere of course.
  • Encourage comments on your own channel by asking them to comment during your video.
  • Reply to all comments on your channel and ignore or delete the weird ones. Don’t take those personally, they are simply unhappy souls.
  • Lastly, follow other pros in your industry and emulate certain things you like that they’re doing.  Tweak things to make them work for your brand!


And Now for the Google Search Results:



These principles apply to all businesses, no matter the size. 

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with or if there is something else you want to learn.

I happily reply to all comments or questions.  


Leslie ONeill Market Immersion


P.S.  For updates and tips for online marketing tips, please go to my channel here and subscribe.  🙂


P.P.S.  The videos I shot of  Luciano in Mexico.   He’s such an amazing singer.  Although to hear him live will require a trip to Argentina!  🙂



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