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How to Center Video in WordPress

How To Center Video in Wordpress

A few quick tricks to quickly center and increases the size of your video using HTML code. How to Center Video in WordPress You may want to watch the video on this page and follow along. In the video, I’m going to scroll down and show you the position and dimensions of the video.    […]


WordPress: Remove Spam and Pending Comments In Seconds

WordPress Plugin Will Remove All Pending Comments In Seconds

WordPress – How To:  Remove Spam and Pending Comments In Seconds I was just sitting here cleaning up the comments as I do every now and then.   I’m sure some of you with WordPress blogs run into this issue too.   Even though I have spam control, filters, and plugins on my site; I still […]


Boost Your Business with WordPress and Email Campaigns

Wordpress Market Immersion

There are many tools and resources available that can boost your business rather quickly with WordPress and Email Campaigns.Many business owners delay the creation of their website for various reasons; one typical reason is financial.Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive solution called WordPress!WordPress is an online platform that allows you to setup your own […]