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Why Use Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a significantly more effective way to acquire new customers than social media.Consumers prefer to receive promotions and communications from brands via email and not social media. The value of an email list is three times greater than your social media contacts.  The ROI for email marketing is 3800%. List building plays a key […]


10 Ways to Get New Clients Now!

Crowds of People Find New Clients

Most businesses need new customers to flourish!   Ideally, businesses prefer a continual stream of new clients. Apart from hiring a professional marketer, the quick and easy way that doesn’t require your time; there are things you may do to help yourself.Things you can do:1. Email ListsIf you haven’t already started an email list for your […]


What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

What Does Bounce Rate Mean

​Your visitors left the page they came in on.  They may have arrived on your site based on keywords.  When they arrived, it was not what they expected. Bounce rate = the total visits to one page /divided by/ the total entries to one page (Tv/Te=Br). Bounce rate is the percentage of a single visit to your […]


Marketing Tools For Small Business

Marketing Tools For Small Business

Your online presence has a direct impact on the success of your business.  Marketing tools will help you create:Appealing banner adsProfessional interactive pagesCover images for all of your social media accountsProfessionally designed landing pages and web pagesEmail campaigns with client follow-up communicationsEmail marketing strategy for any kind of businessEmail strategies for massive growth, leads and […]


Boost Your Business with WordPress and Email Campaigns


There are many tools and resources available that can boost your business rather quickly with WordPress and Email Campaigns.Many business owners delay the creation of their website for various reasons; one typical reason is financial.Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive solution called WordPress!WordPress is an online platform that allows you to setup your own […]


Best Advice For Selling Online

Selling Online

As technology advances, so must our marketing techniques.Especially when you begin selling online in a crowded space of professional marketers, you need all the intel and ammo you can get.To have a clear understanding of what works and why; I will help you form new strategies.Whether you are selling a product, a house, a service, […]