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18 Reasons You Should Blog For Your Business

Why You Should Blog For Your Business

Blogging is beneficial for anyone wanting to create a passive income or gain massive exposure for businesses, personal, or charitable contributions.  

The topics are endless; you may be surprised at some of the financially successful blogs!  

Whether you blog about work, hobbies, interests, or your favorite cause, the strategy and reasons are the same.

1. Financial and Location Freedom

Blogging can lead to financial and location independence! Sure, it’s work; there is a lot to learn when blogging for success, but it’s exciting to witness the progress; it can be extremely rewarding! Choose your subject, set your schedule, and then write from anywhere in the world. Whether you prefer to travel or work from your home office; blogging affords you the luxury of living life on your terms.

The types of blogs are limitless. There are many styles and ways to structure blogs or start something new; whatever you like.

When you learn the insider secrets; the right way to blog; you will achieve your goals whatever they may be, it all about getting massive amounts of traffic to your site.

There will be two more posts this week going into more detail about blogging.  I’ll share the various ways people use blogs, the monthly income each blog is producing so you may see what’s possible.  

I’ll insert a button below for those wanting to learn more.

2. Drive Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Business

When your blogs are well written, and you’ve researched your keywords and phrases; you will attract the right people.

Stay congruent with your messages; the more focused, the more targeted your traffic will be.

Until you have this dialed in, an excellent way to get the right demographic to your site is to run ads to your posts.

3. Earn Passive Income Through Affiliate Commissions

In addition to providing helpful information, you can easily make an income from your blog by recommending your favorite products.

When you have achieved steady growth on your blog by publishing solid content on a very regular basis; you may sign up for an affiliate program. One of my favorites is ShareASale.

What I like about ShareASale is the variety of products and tools they offer. You can search for site for items you like, use, and would recommend to a friend, family, and your readers that may benefit from them too.  It’s more about sharing and less about sales.  

Each time a reader clicks on an them and makes a purchase, you get paid a small commission. The cost of the item is the exact same as going direct.  

I also like being able to track many different products from one dashboard; it’s quite convenient! It shows you how many people have clicked on each item even if they don’t make a purchase.

The main goal is to help your readers by sharing tips and advice to help them avoid the mistakes and  hard knocks you had to endure until your learned a better way; we want to shorten our clients learning curve.

4. Connect With Potential Customers

Blogs make it easier to engage, interact, and learn your customer’s needs, and at the same time, they learn more about you.

Throughout your blog, provide tips, ask questions, and conduct polls; it’s a fast and easy way to collect qualitative data and customer feedback.

Let your potential clients know you heard them; they like knowing  their vote matters. Respond to their queries; keep the conversations lite and lively.

The more you engage with your audience, the tighter your bond, sales will climb. The goal is to stay in the know and provide solutions.

Involve them in the process; your retention rate will go through the roof. It’s a funny thing how God and the universe work; when you sincerely care about helping people, they feel it! 

Expand Your Network

5. Grow Your Online Network

Blogging is the best way to market your business online. It multiples your rate of growth while building your digital presence and connecting with professionals in your network. Regardless of the industry you’re in, there are many benefits.

6. Give Kudos to Vendors, and Your Favorite Local Businesses

On your blog, perhaps once every month you could recommend other people or businesses in your local community by writing a post about some cool things they’re doing, awards, achievements, or other good deeds.

Helping other businesses in your industry, yet not competitors will gain them more credibility and sales. Link their website to your article so your readers can check them out.

Your readers are more likely to trust, use, and recommend people and businesses you like. Send them a link to your post with no expectations in return, so they know why the influx of new clients and perhaps they will share it on their social sites.

You will form a tighter bond, and who knows, they may reciprocate in some way; do it for them and your readers with no intentions for anything in return.

7. Establish Credibility and Authority in Your Industry

​Whatever your niche, share your expertise. You may not realize this, but your skills and knowledge are of true value to many others. Your helping readers solve their everyday problems.

Whether they are looking for solutions, considering getting into whatever business you’re in, even if it’s for entertainment value; you are helping them.

You are continually building customer loyalty; when they need an expert, you will be on the top of their mind, you will get their business.

8. 10X Your Email List

You should have a place on your blog for your readers to opt-in to your email list. Give them many reasons throughout your site to join your lists. They may be interested in learning more about a specific product or service, once on your list; they will have many opportunities to see and learn other ways you may help them.Having a good blog over two years will make the difference of having 2K people on your email list or 200K on your email list. Getting people on your list helps you both. You’re able to deliver what they want and the larger your list, the more income you make. It’s a win-win for all!

Charitable Acts of Kindness

9. Charitable Contributions; Acts of Kindness

​Clients love to work with businesses that give back to those in need. Whether you have one particular charity that you tithe 10% of your money or take a poll and let your community vote on their favorite cause, people love to be a part of something.

Include this conversation in your blog post for your community and allow them to make contributions as well.

More customers will be drawn to your active community when they can be involved in a project that helps and supports those in need.

10. Strategize

​When you blog routinely, you’re able to see what’s working by way of Google Analytics. Before you plan the next post, you analyze what’s working, what isn’t, and where you need to focus your keywords and phrases to attract the right people to your business. Having a blog helps keep you laser-focused on your next move.

11. Improve Your Google Ranking

Nothing improves your ranking better than publishing good content for your business consistently!

If you don’t have great titles, and subtitles, if you’re not researching keywords, if you’re not using content that attracts the right buyers, if you’re content is not long enough, you’re wasting your time, and you’re not helping your ranking. 

12. Market Your Business

Gaining online visibility is the best way for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow subscribers, leads, and ultimately, your revenue.

Creating blog content on your website is extremely valuable when you add fresh, reliable content consistently.

Whether you’re helping or entertaining your audience, it is the most effective way to grow your site’s authority, rankings, and generating new and consistent traffic.

13. Monitor Analytics For EffectivenessOnly when you blog frequently, will you see the data in your Google Analytics dashboard continue to rise.

There, you will learn about your customers and see what posts they’re reading. You will see which links they click on and which ones they are avoiding.

This insight will help you make course corrections to your marketing strategy so you may allocate your ad budget accordingly. Investing your time to learn these basics will save you lots of time and money, especially if you’ve hired a marketing team that has yet to explain all this.

14. Testimonials & Reviews Help Build Client TrustIt’s become a referral-driven society we live in, and in essence, a review and a testimony achieve a similar goal:

Credit Employees Good Work

15. Employee Appreciation to Maintain A Positive Work Culture When an employee does something exceptional, mentioning them in the blog is a nice way to recognize their work. It may incentivize other employees to do the same.

People like working for people who appreciate their extra effort. When you notice it demonstrates a positive work environment for employees, it makes everyone want to perform better.

16. Testimonials & Reviews Help Build Client TrustIt’s become a referral-driven society we live in, and in essence, a review and a testimony achieve a similar goal:

  • 75% of consumers feel more assured of a business after reading their blog.
  • 97% of people read reviews for local businesses.
  • 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.
  • 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of a product or service.
  • The psychology behind testimonials; people want to hear from others if they were satisfied with their experience.
  • Its easier for like-individuals to convince others of their positive outcome than to hear it from the business owner.
  • Social proof is powerful at building trust and customer loyalty.

17. Your Blog Is Like SEO on Steroids

Although it’s important to have your site optimized for the search engines; it’s even more powerful when you’re supplying the search engines and your followers with great content every week.

The two best ways to get new clients to your site and through your doors is blogging or running ads.

The great thing about blogging, it’s evergreen; a five-year-old post will continue attracting people to your business, whereas an ad will attract them only as long as you continue to pay.  

We post and run ads whenever possible or necessary.

Snippets Are Powerful on Social Sites


A killer snippet is every bit as important as a title or headline. If it’s intriguing enough, your reader will be interested enough to click and read. If you give too much away, or the title is boring or dull, you give them no reason to open it and read more.

You have about 300 characters to entice your reader to click to open. You don’t want to use false click-bait; be honest about what’s inside be clever with your wording to help them to understand why they should open.

18. Employee Participation

Getting all employees involved in your blogging and social media is the absolute best way to keep fresh info going live at random times. Assign a different employee one or two days a week to post or write articles. Keep it fun for them!Businesses usually have plenty of material that’s easy enough for employees to access and share.

It’s always wise to give guidelines and ideas. Sometimes fun pics or office gatherings make nice post material too. Your clients enjoy seeing the human side of your business; showing office events, or fun gatherings are perfect. Anytime you can get your employees involved and making it fun for them to be a part of the marketing process; you’ll 10 X your reach on the internet.Jordan Winery is a family-owned California winery located in Alexander Valley in Sonoma County; they do an excellent job involving its staff in their marketing!

They create many types of videos, some are more serious, and then they have fun videos!  All their marketing is done in good taste, classy and entertaining!

They host multiple events each year and use these videos as an invitation to their guests to send via email, whereas the public events go out on both, to their email list and all the social platforms. 

Check out a few examples of Jordan’s humorous employee videos. Videos work well on blogs, along with additional text explaining the back story. 

Dirty Work Austin Mahone Parody | Jordan Winery Harvest 

Cab Wars: The Force of Harvest Awakens – Star Wars spoof

Indiana Jordan and the Lost City of Cab | Halloween Charity Fundraiser ​

As you can see, the employees have a great time being a part of the Jordan Winery marketing productions. Summary

It’ wise to invest in a blog for your business; a well-structured blog will improve your ranking and drive traffic to your website. Those who don’t take the time to learn the fine details will spin their wheels until they do.

A good blog will improve your ranking and drive traffic to your business and your website. You are an expert at what you do; if massive amounts of people don’t know about you or what you are capable of, you’re not helping them or yourself.

A blog shines a spotlight on your work. It’s time for people to know what a rock-star you are! If you have blogged regularly but, you haven’t seen massive results; you’re not doing it properly. No worries; it’s fixable, don’t give up!

Learning this strategy is well worth your time; it’s a life-changer!If you haven’t started to blog yet, now is the time to begin!

 The next post we’ll talk more about how you can earn more income from your blog than your day to day business when it’s structured and maintained properly, on auto-pilot! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help; if you are interested in learning more details for running a successful blog- click the button below.

My best,Leslie

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