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Marketing Tools For Small Business

Marketing Tools For Small Business

Your online presence has a direct impact on the success of your business.  Marketing tools will help you create:

  • Appealing banner ads
  • Professional interactive pages
  • Cover images for all of your social media accounts
  • Professionally designed landing pages and web pages
  • Email campaigns with client follow-up communications
  • Email marketing strategy for any kind of business
  • Email strategies for massive growth, leads and sales

 Are you fully staffed with online marketing professionals?   If not and you find it easier to quickly create your own;  I wanted to share simple software solutions that will save your business both time and money whether you use them yourself or employ staff.

With the free templates they offer it will appear as if your marketing staff has been hard at work!  

One thing for certain; entrepreneurs enjoy tools that enhance their workflow and automate their processes. 

This freedom allows time to focus on the many other important aspects of their business.    

The time and funds saved reflect on their profit margin.  

Every business owner deals with minor issues.  The key is in finding the best time and money saving solution.  

We have hundreds of solutions for every situation. 

Unless you specialize in this field,  finding these gaps on your own is similar to a plumber locating and fixing hidden leaks.


You may or may not have a graphic artist on staff.  

Many business owners hire specialists on an as needed basis.

For a very nice and professional look, there is nothing better, faster than Canva.  

Canva is an online graphic design platform, allows anyone to create professional designs.  

The basic version is free, yet there are more options and templates with the paid version as well as having the ability to click a button and make your background canvas transparent!  

They provide images, icons, templates and graphics, or upload your own high-quality professional images.  

Canva provides short easy to follow tutorials sent via email that will inform you of their latest upgrades along the way.  The pieces you will create would have otherwise cost hundreds to hire them done for you.

The following dimension are set for you;  just select which platform you are making it for and fill them in with whatever you like:  

  • Facebook posts, covers, ads, profile photo
  • Twitter posts, covers, profile photo
  • YouTube covers, profile photo
  • Pinterest posts, infographics 
  • Google Presentations
  • Wide skyscraper ads
  • Kindle book covers
  • Blog graphics
  • Instagram post 
  • Album covers 
  • Graphics 
  • Posters 
  • Ebooks
  • And more

 Photoshop was my go to graphic design software until I discovered the three of these: 

Canva     Picmonkey     Pixlr

I prefer using these because of the simplicity and I can create most anything in minutes.    

Thrive Themes

A full suite of professional themes, templates, designs, and plugins  at your disposal.  Built for marketers, designed by marketers and sales pros removes the guesswork in advance! 

A/B split testing is easier than every- giving you an even better edge over your competition. 

Create robust pages in minutes, not hours, days, or weeks!

Design each application with different functions: images, videos, podcasts, coupons, contests, Hangouts, etc.

  • Automatic lead capture built into your Facebook page
  • Sell directly from your page without the need of a website
  • A viral way to brand and increase exposure
  • Host a Live Google Hangout for driving traffic on your page
  • Create an affiliate program with the click of a button.



ConvertKit is an automated email response system that makes all your outgoing messages look fantastic on these devices:

  • computers
  • tablets
  • smartphones

Once set up, it works behind the scenes as you sleep. Using the web forms to create opt-ins is one of the easiest I have ever used.

ConvertKit  is a marketers dream.  The simplicity gives higher open and click through rates, more conversions, and increased delivery rates.

Instead of multiple lists with duplicate subscribers; in ConvertKit you have one list separated with tags.  

Segmenting your list has never been easier, having only one big list organzied by tags makes everything fast, and simple without confusion. 

Turning new leads into customers is super simple with built-in automated follow-up.

Creating sales funnels is a cinch!  

They make it easy to customize your own, as well. When you need tech support, they are fabulous with 24/7, live support.

The delivery rates are great, with fewer bounces and overall, strong results.

I hope this information was helpful.

Please connect with us on our social sites or leave a comment below. We would love to read your comments! 

About the Author Leslie O'Neill

Leslie is the founder of MI, a digital marketing agency for brilliant business owners and entrepreneurs. When she’s not running ads, designing landing pages, websites, or email campaigns; she's probably scuba diving off some remote island in the Caribbean! Leslie's super friendly & easy to talk to. She enjoys sharing things that will help your online business. Reach out from your favorite social site and say hello; she'll be expecting you! :)

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