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What to Post on Facebook Business Page

What to Post on Facebook Business Page



Think about your Facebook page as if every day you are setting up for a party;  you invite followers that share the same passion or topic as your Facebook page.


And for a great party, we would provide a beautiful spread of delicious food, wine, beer, cocktails something for everyone’s tastes, right?


We’d have a nice mix of music genres, and the conversations would most likely be things related to the passion you have in common.


With that in mind, when we invite friends and followers to your page- we want to create the same atmosphere.


Now stay with me, I’m bringing it around to your posts from your page.


For instance, on my page Scuba Explorers – I only offer 2 things:

scuba instruction and group trips with yours truly, to explore amazing islands around the world.


Now if that’s all I offered day after day- if I only shared my content, if I only sent viewers to my website, and I only talked about myself and my offer – people would leave the party and probably not return.


By sharing intriguing stories, other exciting experiences, stories about marine life and the most virgin diving and more- it’s possible to create that cool party for my community. This is where your posts come in…


On Market Immersion – here our general audience is comprised of business owners/ entrepreneurs that want more brand exposure, they are into video marketing, sales funnels, and processes that save them time and give their business a nice return on their investment.


On this page, if your brand is anything related to digital marketing, how to videos, they would be a nice addition to our party.


This brand new page Leslie ONeill, is all about entrepreneurs, working online, traveling the world and experiencing various cultures. This is a perfect place to share your posts and images of travel writers/ bloggers, entrepreneurs, those traveling to discover the most delectable food and drink around the world. Music videos would probably be of interest to this audience.


With that said:

1) Feel free to like one or more pages if it relates to your brand or industry.

2) Like my page from yours and leave a comment and the link to your page so I know you’re there.

4) I’ll be sure to Like your page and leave a comment too, that way you’ll know I was there.

5) If you don’t see me on your page, send a private message and I’ll do it right away.


I share when I see posts that are relative and it’s not super salesy.  And when an image is captivating, they are every bit as important as the post, wouldn’t you say?


On another note, I have 3 websites that coordinate with each page. So my invitation extends there, as well.
If you would like a backlink to your site; send an original article, blog post or a vlog with one or two photos and keywords.
Once I review and publish it, I’ll send you the link to post on your site.
If for some reason it would not work, I’ll let you know why, you won’t be out anything, just post it to your site and we will try another time.


People say, Leslie, why do you promote other businesses?


I look at it like this. I’d rather invite quality people to the party. Those with a mutual interest in building relationships through business; people I may actually get to know over time. I believe it adds value and a win-win for all involved. It’s all about sharing the love, right?


I look forward to sharing your post on my facebook business page.


Talk to you soon!


Bye for now.



Leslie O'Neill


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What to Post on Facebook Business Page

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