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How to Center Video in WordPress

A few quick tricks to quickly center and increases the size of your video using HTML code.

How to Center Video in WordPress




You may want to watch the video on this page and follow along.
In the video, I’m going to scroll down and show you the position and dimensions of the video. 


As you can see, it’s on the left side and of the page and the video is difficult to see the controls. If you try to click here it will not enlarge, which will force your viewers to leave your website and view it on YouTube. We can’t have that! Right?


So, we’re going to just increase the size of the video within WordPress.


We’re going to go to edit, you may need to go into your dashboard.


I’ve got this toggled on the HTML code.


Click next to I train and enter this code. Scroll down to where the video starts, if you used the embed code it will begin with iframe.
Right next to the word iframe, no space, I’m going to type a carrot symbol on either side of the word center all lower case.

Example:  <center>


Next, we will close it at the end of iframe, type the exact same except add a forward slash.


Example:  </center>

Now, while still in HTML , we’re going to increase the width and height of the video.


So we are going to add 200 pixels to both dimensions.


To the Youtube video it is 615, so we will change to 816 and height is 415 so we’ll make it 615.


Now update, which saves everything. And let’s view the post.
You will see that not only is the video centered, it is also larger so people will be able to see the video without needing to view it from YouTube.


And we did it all very quickly by only adding a little HTML code.


Now, the video is much larger and easier to see!


You can center words and images the same way. And you may increase or decrease images or videos too.


Be careful when you increase an image, though.  If the resolution is already high enough your photo may look pixelated, grainy or fuzzy. You will not have issues decreasing the size.


Let me know if this helps, I hope you start using this regularly.


Let me know if there are other things you would like to learn.


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Bye for now!


Leslie 🙂


Leslie ONeill

Leslie O'Neill


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How to Center Video in WordPress

How to Ensure The Right Image Will Appear For A Particular Post

Hey there!   Today we are going to discuss:


“How to Ensure The Right Image Will Appear For A Particular Post”


Yesterday we covered why your “Image Will Not Post on Facebook




I showed on video, how to take the link (web link, video link or any  link for that matter) into the Facebook Developer website and use a tool to debug the link by scraping the latest information.


The goal is to ensure that our images will display properly on Facebook or any social site.


When we do this the most recent photo will appear on the screen.


Today we’re going to cover part 2. 


We’ll go one step further by giving WordPress the precise image to display for that particular post.


We will be using a plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast.


This is an awesome plugin, it does so many other things; we’ll go into at another time.


For now, I’ll take you back there and show you how to do this. 


First were going to go edit the post and scroll down to SEO Yoast.


Go to the social area, this is where we want to put this image and then also


We’re going to add it below in the Pinterest section. So we are going to paste in the


URL of the image that we want to be pinned.


Not only will this work for Facebook, it will also work for Google+ or any place that we decide to post.


 If we put the image URL there, it will populate


First, we’ll get the image and pull it into the library.


Go to “add new”, now all we need is the URL.


We are not going to physically add the image into the post.


We will be pasting the image address into Yoast.


We are in WordPress SEO by Yoast in the social area.


I’m just going to paste the URL address for the image and then also paste it down into to the “Pin It” section for Pinterest and paste the URL for that image there.


We scroll up to update which will save the changes.


Now I’ve already put the post together.


There is a video on this post.  I took a photo of the video itself,  so that when the viewer sees this and click on the photo it takes them from the social site to the website; where they may watch the video.



Now we’ll grab the address for this post to test it.  Let’s go directly to Facebook to see if the image will post


Sometimes it will on the first try. 


And many times we have to go to Facebook Developer and debug the URL, which is scrapping the latest information.


Let’s see if this link works, we’ll go to Facebook first.


Okay, so see this is exactly why we do this. This link did not display the image.


One more thing, if we had not given WordPress the image URL in the SEO section, it could have pulled any photo from that page.


Once again we’re going to paste the URL and debug it in Facebook Developer.  (I will include the link at the bottom of this page for yesterday’s video).  If the image doesn’t pull correctly; like I mentioned yesterday, you’ll need to click “scrape again” and “debug.”


Go back and forth between these buttons, clicking on “scrape again” and “debug” until the right image populates.


Sometimes it happens on the first try.


Once it populates, go enter the link into Facebook or whatever social site you choose.


It works like a charm every time you put both of these parts together.


Have a wonderful rest of the day or night, depending on where you are in the world.


I will talk to you soon!


Bye for now,


Leslie : )


Leslie O'Neill







Leslie O'Neill


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Now you know:

How to Ensure The Right Image Will Appear For A Particular Post


WordPress: Remove Spam and Pending Comments In Seconds

WordPress – How To:

 Remove Spam and Pending Comments In Seconds



I was just sitting here cleaning up the comments as I do every now and then.


I’m sure some of you with WordPress blogs run into this issue too.


Even though I have spam control, filters, and plugins on my site; I still get lots of spam.  


So if you have any tips that I need to hear, I’m all ears!


I looked at the comments already and deleted a ton of them.


It’s down to only 28 comments now, but at times, there are 100’s.  


I find out which ones are not spam, and approve them.  The rest you want to remove spam and pending comments.


I found this awesome plugin called “Delete Pending Comments” by Nicholas Kuttler 


I begin by going to the pending comments, next to it you will see delete pending.


All I do is click on that and then it’s going to have me type a sentence giving permission to delete the pending comments.  


I highlight it and then paste it.    And click on “delete pending” 


It asks one last time if I am sure I want to delete?


It wants to make sure you don’t get rid of your comments accidently.


So we respond, “Yes, I’m going to delete comments”.


As you can see,  the comments are gone!


Summary:   I went through again to see if anything looked pertinent and good,  and kept those.

I deleted all the rest.


That is how I was able to save time in WordPress: Remove Spam and Pending Comments In Seconds

 List of Other WordPress Antispam Plugins

  • Akismet 
  • Anti-Spam Bee
  • WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam
  • WordPress Zero Spam
  • Free Plugin Anti-Spam  
  • Anti-Spam by CleanTalk
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
  • GoodBye Captcha
  • WangGuard
  • Spam Destroyer
  • Stop Spam Comments
  • Stop Spammers Spam Prevention
I hope that helped, it sure has saved me a lot of time!


Bye for now,


Leslie   : )
Leslie O'Neill

Bye for now,   Leslie


List of Other WordPress Anti-spam Plugins

  • Akismet 
  • Anti-Spam Bee
  • WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam
  • WordPress Zero Spam
  • Free Plugin Anti-Spam  
  • Anti-Spam by CleanTalk
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
  • GoodBye Captcha
  • WangGuard
  • Spam Destroyer
  • Stop Spam Comments
  • Stop Spammers Spam Prevention


P.S.  In case you missed the last video about how to center, increase or decrease the size of an image or video using HTML code; check it out here:  


 WordPress: Remove Spam and Pending Comments In Seconds

Image Will Not Post To Facebook

Sometimes when you post a link to Facebook, you will run into this issue:

Image will not post to Facebook



Or the photo will not appear and other times the wrong image or thumbnail photo will appear.


This can happen when posting to Facebook with any link from any website or YouTube video.  No worries, there is an easy remedy.


The first this to do is go to


There we will go to Tools at the top of the page.


Scroll down and on the left side of page go to URL debugger.


Enter the link or URL and click on debug.


Sometimes the photo you are looking for will not appear the first time, be patient and click on debug a few times and scroll down below, it will appear.


When the picture appears, i is ready.


Now go back to your Facebook page and enter the link again.


Write a clear and catchy message to entice viewers to read more.


Now publish and you are finished!


I hope this fixed your issue, image will not post to Facebook.


Please subscribe to my channel- I will continue posting other quick and easy fixes that many of us encounter.  Let me know if you have questions.


Marketing your business should be a pleasant experience, having remedies will keep you moving forward faster.


Don’t be a stranger, please say hello!


My best,




Leslie O'Neill







P.S.   Keep this link handy- this will take you directly to the debugger area- it will save you a few steps and a little time!


P.S.S.  Part 2 is now available:  How to Ensure The Right Image Wil Appear For A Particular Post  



How To Create A Round Avatar

How To Create A Round Avatar


Most entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs create their own images and designs, as it may be costly to hire a graphic designer for the small day-to-day projects. 


I highly recommend hiring Graphic Designers for other projects, as they are highly skilled and can really make you stand out like a rock-star.


The video I am sharing is for the small, quick and easy projects that you need to create in a hurry.


For example, there may be times when you need to create a round avatar for a photo or a logo; you can jump onto Pixlr and have it completed in less time than it would take to locate, contact,  explain and hire a graphic designer.   And at zero cost!


In the video below, I demonstrate while using Pixlr:


“how to create a round avatar”


for your advertising,promotional pieces or within the signature block of your email.


Using this free image editing software, you may easily create many other projects.


I use a combination of Picmonkey, Canva, and Pixlr, for smaller projects.  It makes it easy to assemble a professional looking graphic or photo in just a few minutes.


For larger projects I hire a graphic designer.


I hope this little tip helps. Let me know if you use it- I’d love to check it out!


Bye for now!


Leslie  : )


Leslie O'Neill






Leslie O'Neill


How To Create a Transparent Image with Pixlr

How To Create A Transparent Image With Pixlr

As entrepreneurs and business owners, many times we need to create images with a transparent background.


In the video below, you will see how to create a transparent image with Pixlr, and how to use Canva to create a nice professional image for your blog or other forms of promotional advertising.


In this demonstration, I am using this as a featured image on WordPress.


With a brief mention of Sumome.



As always, if we have helpful information that improves daily operations, we must share because staying ahead of the curve is how we grow our businesses at the fastest rate possible.  After all, you like to know about the latest tools to advance your business, correct?


Sharing your knowledge is the only way for people to understand what you know. You may be viewed as a thought leader in your industry.


Regardless if you are helping your peers in the industry or people that simply want to learn how, it is the best method to gain new leads, clients, partners, and/or friends.


People will remember you for providing helpful knowledge when they seek information they may think of you first and more likely to become a loyal client.
Your competition may already be doing this.


Sharing knowledge and helping others is powerful, the more you share the more you learn to share.


It’s a never ending cycle that will keep you motivated and feels good about contributing to others growth.


I had the misfortune of helping people that were only into self-gain.  


If  this should ever happen to you, do not take it personally nor allow it be a not be a deterrent. 


Do not concern yourself with self-absorbed people, as all things come around and Karma is a bitch!


Instead, put your focus on helping the many wonderful people in this world who are awesome and deserving of your help and who appreciate you.   


I enjoy helping others flourish.  


So learn all you can, pass it on and always do right by others.


Let me know if you have good “how to information” that you would like to share on any of our Market Immersion platforms. 


Sharing truly is caring.


I hope you found useful tips in “How To Create a Transparent Image with Pixlr”


Bye for now!


Leslie  🙂


P.S.   For more information on “how to” or questions, please contact me anytime.


P.S.S.   If you are a pro in this industry with helpful information “how to” share, please send original content or a how to video to:   If it is relevant and helpful for other entrepreneurs, it will be posted.