How To Create A Round Avatar :

How To Create A Round Avatar

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How To Create A Round Avatar


Most entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs create their own images and designs, as it may be costly to hire a graphic designer for the small day-to-day projects. 


I highly recommend hiring Graphic Designers for other projects, as they are highly skilled and can really make you stand out like a rock-star.

The video I am sharing is for the small, quick and easy projects that you need to create in a hurry.

For example, there may be times when you need to create a round avatar for a photo or a logo; you can jump onto Pixlr and have it completed in less time than it would take to locate, contact,  explain and hire a graphic designer.   And at zero cost!


In the video below, I demonstrate while using Pixlr:


“how to create a round avatar”


for your advertising,promotional pieces or within the signature block of your email.


Using this free image editing software, you may easily create many other projects.


I use a combination of Picmonkey, Canva, and Pixlr, for smaller projects.  It makes it easy to assemble a professional looking graphic or photo in just a few minutes.


For larger projects I hire a graphic designer.


I hope this little tip helps. Let me know if you use it- I’d love to check it out!


Bye for now!


Leslie  : )


Leslie O'Neill






Leslie O'Neill


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