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10 Ways to Get New Clients Now!

Most businesses need new customers to flourish!   Ideally, businesses prefer a continual stream of new clients. 

Apart from hiring a professional marketer, the quick and easy way that doesn't require your time; there are things you may do to help yourself.

Things you can do:

1. Email Lists

If you haven't already started an email list for your business, now is a perfect time!  For those who already have; nice work!

Many business owners don't realize that your email list is one of your greatest assets.  Among many other reasons we won't go into now; an email list is the only way for you to connect directly with your clients and remain at the forefront of their minds. 

The frequency of your emails depends on your industry.  We do not send emails too often, nor should we send emails only when we have something to sell. 

We email our list for many reasons; mainly to enlighten them with information; not about you or your products;  you may weave that in, in small doses whenever appropriate. Send them tips, resources, ask for their thoughts on specific subjects, take polls, give them opportunities to vote and write reviews.  

Your clients want to know that you listen and you understand.  When you make changes to improve things to meet your client's needs, this will:

  • Show that you value them 
  •  Keep them happy long-term
  •  Increase your sales

As you communicate regularly with your list, they will be more likely to reciprocate when you email special offers!

Watch your retention rate climb along with your sales!

As you well know, sales is a numbers game!  Therefore, growing your email list is the most powerful and intelligent way to grow your ROI.

2.  Partner Up

Creating partner relationships with non-competitors in your niche who draw the same type of audiences is a very wise and powerful strategy. 

Partnering works perfectly in every industry.  

Use your imagination to come up with similar ideas for your niche.

Example:  For those in "solar panel installations" team up with other energy-saving or energy conscience businesses; with the same type of audience.  As opposed to partnering with builders in general;  only a small portion would be into energy conservation; a shot in the dark and not worthwhile.  However, builders that specialize in energy-efficient buildings would be killer!

Once again, the sky's the limit! 

What to do with these partners:

  • ​Podcasts conversations
  • Video interviews
  • Webinars
  • Blog Post
  • Selling webinars w/5-10 partners can be extremely powerful!   

Anything you do together, each person shares with their audience. By doing this, you've doubled, tripled, quadrupled (or more), your audience! It will work best for all concerned if each partner has a similar-sized audience.

​Doubling your client exposure is huge!

3. Join Online Groups & Forums

This method is very effective and can bring you, new clients, immediately. 

Locate as many online forums as you can find, Facebook and LinkedIn are good for starters.  Do a Google search for your industry to locate both groups and forums.  

Keep these links on a spreadsheet for quick, easy access as you will want to frequent these sites whenever you have a spare moment.

Search for questions to answer in detail.  Please keep in mind, because you are the expert you may dismiss certain subjects, they may not seem important enough to discuss. And because you've known something for so long, you may think others know it too. But it is very useful and helpful for those who need it; so don't hesitate to explain it in detail. 

We do not leave our contact info or web links in these groups or forums, that would be considered spam.  We may be banned or removed, so learn the groups rules before you begin.  If people like what you have to say and they learn something from you, they'll likely reach out.     

Evergreen content is ideal; people will read an issue you solved many years before, and ask to work with you!

4.  Testimonials

People want to hear the issues others had before using your product or service, and after working with you, how it helped them financially, mentally, or physically.  

People are more inspired by hearing from others with similar problems; talking about how your solutions helped them overcome their issues.   How it improved their situation, and how amazing their life is now!

5.  Improve your Copy

So many people overlook the importance of writing compelling copy!

Writing effective copy is an art and a skill. Being able to articulate your values, your voice, and your tone, while delivering them all together with your key message.

With the high amount of content uploaded on the web, every second; good copy is more important than ever to help you stand out from the noise.

Having people click on your ad over the next guys, requires expert talent. With the right copy, you may go viral; without it, you may hear crickets.

Quality content that is both entertaining and engaging will get the right people to interact with your brand, keeping your company in front of their minds!  Good copy equals conversions!

6.  Optimize Your Profiles

For every social platform or networking site that you have a presence on; you have your own "About" section or "Profile."  Many people overlook and forget to complete these areas with business information.

Be sure to add as much detail as each platform will allow:  

  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr 
  • Reddit 
  • StumbleUpon

Or wherever you have online profiles; complete them by: 

  • Using a clear head-shot that matches your niche; make a       statement; wear the same attire as you do at your place of business so your prospects will recognize you.
  • Make the description short and concise, so there is no doubt what you do. Taglines are great for this.
  • If a platform has room for your products and services, list them with keyword descriptions.
  • Your name & email address
  • Give the URL (link) for your website, Facebook Page, or landing page.
  • If clients come to your business, definitely include your address.
  • Business hours if applicable.
  • Phone number  - some people prefer not to include their number; at the very least provide an email. 

We've seen many restaurant profiles without websites; which is fine if you don't have one.  But leaving off their addresses leaves lot's of money on the table (pun intended).

Often, people do not search for missing information.  With the speed in which information flies around the internet, people are impatient and easily distracted; if you don’t make it easy to find you, they will move on to the next option.  

Some online businesses will not display their contact information; no matter what type of business, your clients should have some way to reach you. 

Write this and keep it filed on your computer, so it's ready to copy/paste anytime you need it. 

Optimizing your online profiles will help search visibility and capture you more business.  Your profiles and about sections are prime real estate for your business, and they’re free!  

7.  Segment Your Audience

If you already have an email list read on, if not you may want to skip this section.

You may have already discovered the importance of dividing your lists according to your client's needs and interests.

Example:  If your client is only interested in blue widgets, yet you continue emailing them everything BUT blue widgets, they will delete your emails.  If you segment, all customers interested in “Blue Widgets” onto a “Blue Widgets” list; you can talk to them about their interest in blue widgets.  You will have a high probability of selling them blue widgets!

And of course, once you've nailed it by striking their interest-, you may share about other things too.  A good place for that conversation is in the P.S. at the end of your email.   

When we segment our list, the emails our client's clients receive are no longer general information; we can be super specific as if the email was written personally for them. 

A great way to test your offers and serve your clients is to segment your list.

We can have a laser focus on our prospects.  Communications become much more effective when we acknowledge their specific interests. 

Segmenting helps you form a deeper understanding of your client's needs and send them relevant information.  As we personalize emails, transaction rates are higher, increasing sales exponentially! 

8.  Fresh Content

When you publish interesting and engaging content, your web visitors will be waiting for your next publication!

When people like your content, they look forward to you keeping them informed.  It shows that you value your audience.

Posting fresh content regularly on your website helps you rank better.  

Some people believe that the more articles or blogs they post it will improve their web traffic.  That couldn't be further from the truth!

You could publish articles every day and not improve your traffic volume or ranking.

When you plan your content, and use keywords aligned with your brand and overall business goals; the traffic and traction that you will gain from posting a really good article only once or twice a week; you'll be amazed at how quickly you will generate traffic.

When you create the right type of content, the right length, that's good quality; you can won't even need link building.  Regularly scheduled fresh content done correctly can boost your traffic like a rocket ship.

9. Ask for Referrals

Reach out to your warm list of:

  • Current clients
  • Past Clients
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Chamber members
  • Those you meet at Networking Events
  • People on Facebook
  • LinkedIn Acquaintances

Referrals are, by far, the best and fastest way to get new clients. 

We tend to believe that our family and friends know what we do, and they would naturally, refer us to anyone in need of our products or services, right?  

The reality is most people do not remember what we do, nor are they thinking of us in terms of business referrals; unfortunately, our business is not on top of their mind.

Your friends and family have many friends, so why not send an occasional email reminding them of the products or services you offer?  Let them know you would truly appreciate them mentioning it to their families and friends.  In no way are you asking for a sale, so this will not be awkward for either of you.   You may also consider offering a referral fee to certain connections as well. You may be surprised at what a difference this will make.

Another idea is to create a social media post; not promotional broadcast or even a business offer — simply a short snippet of quality information that people in your niche will find helpful.  When you inspire, educate, entertain, or give them something to laugh about; they will share with their friends.

With each piece of content, you put online in the digital world, make sure to include (in small print at the end) how people may connect with you.  It never hurts to remind them to (please share). 

Above all, we never want to be pushy, salesy, or spammy! 

Push marketing died at least ten years ago. Unfortunately, a large majority of business owners didn’t get the memo!  If you spend much time on LinkedIn or at networking events, you've probably experienced your fair share of push marketing.  

Attraction marketing is far more powerful!

When you provide quality information and give, give, give; you will attract the right people that resonate with you. Your potential client will reach out to you!

Attraction marketing entices your ideal client to connect with your business online.

10.  Create a Digital Product

Digital Products are especially great for those who have NO TIME! 

Business owners who cannot squeeze another hour from their day; yet they truly want to increase income. 

First, give some thought to your current processes.  You will most likely find some things you are doing that may be outsourced, delegated, eliminated, or replaced with a time-saving software.

Next, do an overall business analysis to determine what will work for your business model.  By aligning a digital product with your brand, you will:

  • Give your business more visibility; your online exposure
  • Grow your email list on steroids
  • Provide a better service for current & new clients
  • Tighten your connection with all clients
  • Put your brand in the spotlight
  • Increase revenue with no time commitments

What's exciting about digital products; once created, they may be sold from your website 24/7 without any involvement from you; creating additional revenue for many years to come.

Please reach out, say hello and let me know if there's a subject within digital marketing you would like to know more about. 

I enjoy helping people and their businesses with tips and tactics I've learned over the past decade.

My best,


About the Author Leslie O'Neill

Leslie is the founder of MI, a digital marketing agency for brilliant business owners and entrepreneurs. When she’s not running ads, designing landing pages, websites, or email campaigns; she's probably scuba diving off some remote island in the Caribbean! Leslie's super friendly & easy to talk to. She enjoys sharing things that will help your online business. Reach out from your favorite social site and say hello; she'll be expecting you! :)

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