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Online marketing is not only for web-based businesses; brick and mortars can scale their revenue as well.

In today’s market all businesses should be entirely digital for mobile communications and sales, your competitors are! 

Marketing agencies should definitely be with the digital age, people are looking closely at your sites for information and direction.

Yes, the aesthetics on your websites should be pleasing and easy to navigate.  It is equally important to have your sites optimized with SEO and using multiple ongoing, automated sales funnels which require no time, with optimal return on investment. 

Your landing pages, website, blog and all social platforms should be working in unison to drive traffic and sales. 

In many instances, professional marketers understand their piece of the puzzle, yet very few understand how to synchronize the other moving parts.

  • Do you have a presence on all social platforms?  
  • Are they being managed properly?  Posting alone is not enough.
  • Are you receiving free targeted leads each and every day?
  • Are you using video to market your business?
  • Are all your platforms and videos optimized? 

Isn’t it time to dominate your niche in the marketplace?

If you are serious about expanding your online exposure and revenue, let’s talk!

I only work with serious professionals that understand the importance of digitizing their business and time is of the essence.

  • Affiliate programs
  • Education based products
  • Advance marketing program
  • Learn how to market anything 
  • Mastermind retreats for marketing pros
  • Marketing tools and resources
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Personal development/mindset is the key to success
  • Training to start your own home based business



Mandy McEwan

 Mandy McEwen  

 Business Branding, SEO, PPC, Social Media,       Local Marketing, WordPress Design

“Leslie is a great leader and is genuinely passionate about what she does.  She goes above and beyond helping business owners understand the online marketing world.  She is very easy to talk to, extremely friendly and knowledgeable  I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone who is looking to gain more knowledge about the ever-changing online marketing world!”


Jody-Summers, Author, Dark Canvas, other action thrillers  Jody Summers

  Author/Novelist, Dark Canvas, other fiction                                  thrillers

“Leslie is a people oriented networking genius. She has shown time and again her interest in helping others expand their businesses with her social media knowledge. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to expand their exposure through Social Media Marketing.”


  Ann Butenas  

  Professional Freelance Writer ~ Speaker

“Leslie is truly talented, gifted and a master of her own abilities, what is most inspiring about her is her desire to always make others around her feel great. She brings out the best in others while giving the best of herself”.


Dave Snape Author / Publisher / Dental and Health Store Owner | | Blogger - David Snape

 Publisher / Toothy Grins Store

“Leslie has a fantastic concept with Market Immersion.  The people she attracts are absolutely phenomenal. The collective experience of her group is something that you don’t want to miss.  The networking potential is extraordinary.  Thank you Leslie for providing such a great environment for people to network and learn.”


  Angie Pedersen Marketing Copywriter | Editor | Specializing in Web Content & Social MediaAngie Pedersen

   Copywriter / Editor 

“Leslie is a veritable social media powerhouse – she’s a very giving and knowledgeable person, dedicated to providing social media and entrepreneurial resources to her business owners.  Her company, Market Immersion, sessions are jam-packed with helpful tips and resources that participants can put to use right away. Camaraderie with her group is instant – everyone is very welcoming. This points to Leslie’s leadership skills, and willingness to help those in need.  She has a great group of people (in multiple locations) who share her vision to help others.”


Bob Lovely Senior Vice President at Career Partners International KC and Partner with QED Wine Purveyors  Bob Lovely

   Senior VP, Career Partners International KC

“I met Leslie via Market Immersion, Leslie has extended her marketing prowess to a new and exciting level.  Leslie understands and knows how you can increase sales and extend your market reach penetration to grow your business. More importantly, she can effectively teach you how to accomplish goals for your business.  In today’s competitive climate, Leslie understands how to use digital marketing to help businesses thrive and exceed sales goals.  Leslie is wise, warm and caring and she produces bottom line results through creation and stewardship of long-term productive business relationships.”


Lisa-Fickenshire Owner - In Motion Consulting   Lisa Fitzpatrick Fickenscher

   Owner – In Motion Consulting

“Leslie is a rare find. She is highly organized, inclusive and committed. She makes everyone feel included and that they have something to offer. I have never felt intimidated going into one of her events but always welcome. She is great at getting people together and making sure everyone is heard.   She truly understands networking and how to make sincere connections.”