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   Mobile Responsive Websites & Landing Pages

Does Your Website Stand Out?

We create cutting-edge web sites to elevate your brand exposure. Your site will be designed to generate and capture leads that convert to clients. 

Our goal is to give you an aesthetically pleasing site that explains your business and nicely displays what you have to offer to the world!  It is equally as important that we maximize your ROI.

Your website is the most important component of your marketing strategy. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression with your potential customers.  Our websites do just that, and gain massive results!

We design your site in a way to build your credibility with those who need what you offer, yet they don't know a thing about you.  Until now!

Professional Web Design

Our first step is to study your digital data and your competitors as well, to determine the best and most powerful keyword for your web site.


Basic SEO is used to analyze and select the right combinations of keywords to attract the right clients; these words and phrases should also be used to optimize all of your social platforms.  

Your custom site will include cool graphic designs, it's important to captivate your audience visually, the images also reflect the story of your business.​​​

The content is highly important too- We will craft your business story to represents the quality of your services as we build rapport with your potential clients.

Non-Mobile Friendly vs Mobile Friendly

mobile responsive -vs-non-mobile responsive

We meet Google's requirements to ensure each and every piece of content is mobile responsive. 

Non mobile friendly websites are not ranked as high as mobile responsive sites.

Websites without an SSL certificate 

may be blocked from search results. 

Having an SSL certificate installed on your website not only encrypts & protects your customer’s data on your site; but your secure

certificate also confirms that you are the legitimate, verified owner of your website.

When your site is secured you’ll see in the browser followed by our website URL beginning with https, and the word "secured."
If your site does not have an SSL certificate, your URL will read, http before your sits name, and you will see the words "not secured."

Data sent to a secure site using HTTPS provides three key layers of protection:

  • Authentication:  this confirms visitors are on the right website, yours, and this builds trust.
  • ​Data integrity:  your customer data cannot be corrupted or changed.
  • Encryption:  your visitors activities cannot be intercepted while browsing your website.

We take great care in testing and customizing each and every page, title, paragraph, image, and button, to ensure they look great, are easy to navigate, and work perfectly on all devices.

We check all images sizes as load speeds are a consideration; site speed should load in a second or less.

We understand Google's standards for relevant content, as well as easy navigation, user-friendly, and site usability; we test for these as we

build and customize each piece, we exceed their standards to the highest level.

This type of set up requires various skills and disciplines. We have the knowledge and experience to create your potential customers first

impression be a memorable one! Your business will stand above your competition, and with great results!

Our work speaks volumes for itself!

Business Owner

"Leslie is a great leader in the digital marketing industry. She provides dynamic, up-to-date, cutting-edge strategies for your business. Leslie is continually adding to the experience with new information and resources.

She ensures her clients are in the know to further develop their marketing success. I highly recommend her to any business wanting to stay on top of their competition through her guidance and the power of digital marketing."

Scott MacMillan Marketing Consultant

Private Investigator

“I have known Leslie for a number of years. Her digital marketing expertise and knowledge about web design is invaluable. She is very friendly and willing to help in any way possible.

Leslie is awesome to know and work with. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone interested in getting full use of the internet to promote their business.”

Ed McPheeters PI

Free Lance Writer

“Leslie is a remarkable person and I am honored to know her.

She and I met when I knew nothing about Wordpress websites and even less about online marketing.

She wants all her clients to benefit from her knowledge of digital marketing. Her fees are well worth the investment in yourself and your business, your return is priceless!”

Carol Wadsworth Author

Your Website Should Reflect Your Brand Personality

What is the current state of your website? 

Are you winning clients over?


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