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Promotional Merchandise

Customized SWAG

Business Owners Love Swag

What owner does not like thousands of people walking around their city, state, country, or world, wearing their logo and promoting their business?

T-shirt are like walking billboards; a very fun and inexpensive way to bring more sales and new customers.

Print on Demand tshirt Campaigns

Most people wear t-shirts even if it's only on occasion.  Your customers, fans followers, and employees will often times purchase your shirts if they are cool looking or fun; especially when they are given a small incentive.  

Businesses use incentives during slow hours, days, or months.  They discount lost leaders, new products and services to introduce then to the public.  Space out these incentives to work in your favor.  You have 100% control of these campaigns for your customers.

T-shirts and PopSockets are fantastic ways to promote your business, especially when you not even paying for them in advance!  That's right; POD baby; Print On Demand!

Pop Sockets


A PopSocket is a new phone accessory that attaches to the back of your cell phone.  It allows you to grip it securely between two fingers, making it easy to text, take photos, and less likely to drop it.

People are using PopSockets all around the world.  They make wonderful gifts, contest giveaways, or use for purchase incentives.

T-shirts and PopSockets are a super inexpensive way to display your logo!

Imagine your logo on the backside of PopSockets, they become miniature walking billboards all around your city!

T-shirt Campaign Ideas

Campaign options are only as limited as your imagination and they work for any industry.  Businesses offer shirts as incentives for discounts.  They advertise for them to wear them into their businesses on specific days/times/months, etc. to receive X.  Here are only a few ideas:

  • 20% off haircuts
  • 10% off oil change
  • $4.95 Large Pizza (toppings/ sides/ drinks not included)
  • 40% off special drink (1-2 per month)
  • 10% off teeth cleaning
  • 15% off first time plumbing customers 
  • 20% off dog grooming
  • T shirt Tuesdays (drinks ½ off  2pm-5pm)

Restaurants & bars choose slow days, happy hours, certain dishes, lunch specials, drink specials, dinner specials, flat rates or discounts. 

Promotional Merchandise Ideas

The shirts work the same as a coupon, yet your customers paid for it. Some businesses have multiple offers, with various shirts to match.

A beauty shop received sixty new clients in one month!  They were able to space the appointments over the next few months. Campaigns are paused or skipped until you are ready to take on more customers.   Hair Salon in his training course that produced something like sixty new clients and produced around 6k in revenue.

These promotions make it fun for customers while bringing in new sales, creates more of a loyal bond, as they wear and promote your business all around town.

Employee Uniforms

Any type or size of businesses that uses t-shirts uniforms....

Companies with multiple locations and national franchises using this method to order t-shirts are saving big!   Any business that is:

  • continuously re-stocking new t-shirts
  • ordering the right sizes/colors/quantities of each
  • expensive storage space
  • keeping inventory organized/folded
  • stained/ water damaged shirts
  • loss of inventory
  • theft of inventory
  • manpower/ payroll/tracking inventory

Our method is easy!   Send us your logo. Choose up to five of Amazon's twenty-one t-shirt color options. Then we do all the rest!   

With our POD (print on demand) method you will have no inventory and there are no minimum orders.  Order one t-shirt at a time if you like.

Employee T-shirt Uniforms

We provide you with your own private

link to your shirt on Amazon. Some businesses have their employees order shirts as needed through their Amazon Prime business account so the shipping is covered. Some companies ask their employees to order and pay for their own.  Other businesses may reimburse with proof of purchase.  However you choose its hassle free!

You may select more than one link if you prefer different links for tracking employee shirts versus personnel shirts or customer shirts, etc.


With our POD (print on demand) method there is no need for inventory.  There are no minimum orders.  Order one t-shirt at a time if you like!

One national franchise business is saving $300K annually from using this method!

Color Options For Standard T-Shirt

Standard tshirt Color Options

Ordering Procedure

Once you click the button below "Yes, I would like to order P.O.D. Merch"

Once you complete your info you will receive a fast and easy multiple choice form to complete for your t-shirt base, color options.

T-shirt or PopSocket Promo Campaigns, Incentives or Give-aways, Fundraiser, Charity Event, Music Band, Any Organization,  

Uniforms for your Business.  

Or fun matching shirts for our group without a business logo.  Send us your idea or we could help you with a custom design. 


Email your logo or request a custom designed logo; it's that simple! 

Once completed we will email you a private link to share with whomever you like; then order direct from Amazon. Shipping is free for prime members. 

We will share promotional and fundraising ideas to bring  new clients.  Facebook ads work very well as we can target very specific people and GEO locations. 

P.O.D. Merch
Print on Demand Merchandise

Let's Get More Clients Into Your Business

If you would like to talk about how we can bring more leads and customers into your business through fun shirt and PopSocket campaigns, or save money by ordering uniforms as needed on Amazon, then let's chat soon.

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