80% of people want to receive promotional messages via email over any other method.

If entrepreneurs and business owners understood the power of email marketing they would have started running campaigns years ago.

Your email list is your database of people who are either already customers or have shown interest in your products, services, ideas or offerings.

Every business needs one no matter the size or type of their business.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Campaign Samples
  • One author with over 40 K subscribers to her email list will share a few chapters of each new book when they are ready.  This almost guarantees she will sell between 2-4 K copies by simply pushing the send button to her list.  And of course we nurture your list in between sales offers. 

  • A non-profit organization's list with 12 K subscribers of like minded people who contribute time and or funds for nonprofits. His list is comprised of new signups, current members, and social media prospects from all over the U.S.. He nurtures his list by providing success stories about various charitable causes. He watches the data to see when one strikes a chord with the majority of his followers, he continues to send more information and stories followed by a sign-up form. Within the course of a week he receives both donations and volunteers, and of course everyone shares the stories, images and more sign up, the cycle continues month after month, after year.


  • A similar strategy is used to fill seats for a FREE webinar for a client selling a digital course we created.  About 13% of the 68 K new email subscribers bought up-sells after joining her list. A little over 8,800 new paying customers. Around 20% of the 8,800 buyers bought a second up-sell. That’s 2,000+ multiple product buyers!  Many more multiple product buy continued to buy other product offers.

There are thousands of examples in every niche imaginable from cake baking to piano lessons to doctors selling advice or a device; from a stay at home mom teaching needle point, to a person with a hobby of flying drones; there is no end to the many ways to generate additional revenue  online.   

Digital products are the easiest and the most profitable!  We create them once and sell them 24/7 year after year.  Sure, they may need a remodel each year with updated information.  Usually, small tweaks. Your sales will continue to grow with your list size;  we only need to feed your list (people) with information, keep them engaged, involved and looking forward to more.

For those with brick and mortar businesses; you are trading your time for money.  The same as if you were employed.  It's extremely difficult to scale business without working more hours.  Unfortunately your time is not your own.  Yet, supplementing your current situation with an additional revenue stream such as a digital product, will relieve financial stress and allow you to enjoy more time in your life again.

Thousands of people in every industry are making more online through email campaigns than they were working 9- 5, and with far less stress or headaches.  

Why aren't more people doing it?  Two reasons.  They either don't know it's possible and they don't know how to begin.   

Think where you could be in five to ten years if you start building and cultivating your lists now!

Email Lists Are:

  • More Professional
  • More Personable - Each Email is Addressed to Each Individual Person
  • May be Segmented - Only the Right People Receive Your Message On the Topic They Asked You About
  • Measurable - Every Part of the Process Is Track-Able
  • Very Low Cost for an Additional Form of Making Revenue
  • Highly Deliverable - Compared to Social Media You Are Not Sure Who Sees It or If They Saw It
  • Convert Prospect to Buyers While Living Your Normal Daily Life
  • Get Your Message to The Masses  At the Same Time (Automated)
  • Save Massive Amounts of Time
  • Increase Your Brand Exposure
  • Increase Customers Trust & Loyalty
  • Weed out Tire Kickers That Never Engage, Respond or Planned to Purchase
  • Increase Your R.O.I. Exponentially Without Working More Hours, etc...
  • You Own Your List.  

The people opted in and gave you permission to send them information and communicate with them.  They asked to learn about your business.

They see that what you provide them can help get them to a better place.  

How we go about informing them is an art and a science that is easy to learn.  

Email is the most important ingredient for successful selling online.

Many businesses do not own a list, if that's you, no worries; we can turn that around in short order. If you already own a list and you're rocking it;  great job!   We have more cool ninja tricks for you too!

Here at Market Immersion we do not believe in sell, sell, selling or continually broadcasting and spamming clients.  We believe in and practice "Attraction Marketing."

Our goal is to deliver quality and value;  we listen to our clients and potential clients and provide them with helpful information.  When they understand their success is our success; sales just happen naturally.  

"Push marketing"  (hype and fluff) is old school selling. What a discredit to clients!

Our clients truly trust and know they can count on us for results! 

Mandy McEwen Marketing Consulting

Mod Girl Marketing

“Leslie is a great leader and is genuinely passionate about what she does in digital advertising.

She goes above and beyond helping business owners with their online marketing.

She is very easy to talk to, extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking to gain more business and increasing their revenue!”

Bob Lovely Business Strategist

Business Consultant

“I met Leslie via Market Immersion; Leslie has extended her marketing prowess to a new and exciting level.

Leslie knows how to leverage digital platforms to expand business and increase revenue.

More importantly, she meets and exceeds business owners financial goals.

Leslie is wise, warm and caring.

She creates bottom-line results while cultivating long-term professional relationships.”

Cheryl Ann Wills Author

Free Lance Writer

"When I discovered Market Immersion I hoped to get help with my business marketing and an ongoing plan underway.

I have been amazed at the wealth of information and useful help they were able to quickly adapt, from web design to email campaigns and ads.

I am impressed with the results! I no longer feel that my online marketing plan is waving in the wind, it is now firmly planted and growing.

Market Immersion has helped my business boom in every area. I am thankful for Leslie's creativity and genius.”

Powerful Email Marketing

The Simpler the Better

Our marketing tactics are designed to bond with your clients, keep them involved, informed, and entertained.

We keep the subjects light, brief, short, sweet, helpful, fun, and inspirational.

The main goal is to keep them coming back for more.

Ready to Grow Your List?

We only promote the things you want more of.  

Our emails are a reflection of your voice and style.

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