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Google PPC ads are the most steady, stable, and predictable way to get targeted clients 24/ 7/ 365 days a year. Those who say they did not work, simply do not know how to use them. They can be very tricky when you don't know small details. Google is unmatched! We explain inside what incorporating Google ads into your marketing plan will do for you. To learn more, click here...

Facebook Ads are powerful!  We use them for many  reasons:  

• Engagement
• Likes
• Comments
• Shares
• Sales conversion
• Advertise Events
• Gain Targeted Leads
• To Sell Things

Millions of businesses, all sizes use Facebook Ads for good reason! 
 Click here to learn more and watch success stories!

Your email list is the holy grail of your business! Your email list is the most priceless business property you own. When email marketing is set up properly, your list can increase your company sales by 15% after 3 months. And that is with zero sales people. $1M+ businesses make hundreds of thousands every single month. Some businesses make millions per month from their email marketing alone. Learn more here...

SEO helps your website in a number of ways:

• improves the usability of your site & user experience
• helps you move to the top of Google
• increase users trust.
• social promotion, people share & promote your info   once they've discovered you on Google.
• puts you ahead of the competition.
• the higher positions on Google make more sales.
• improves your position on Google, organically (free).

We explain inside about SEO vs PPC and why we recommend starting with one over the other.  Once our clients learn why they love it!  More info here...

Our website designs have more functions than just looking cool!  They are designed to turn visitors to leads and with the right email marketing system in place; convert the leads to new clients quickly!  Our team continually monitors and improves your site health, while refreshing your site with keywords for optimal position and better ranking on Google. Click here to learn more.

A video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than text and images. People spend 2.6 times longer on a page or post with video. Google gives priority to unique, multimedia content with rich, blended search results. More importantly, videos help your viewers understand your content and offer more clearly. More inside about the many advantages and power of videos. More juicy info here...


Whether you are a brick and mortar or online business, you want to be found quickly on the internet. We set your business on the citations that are best suited for your industry. Once they are completed, we add your business on hundreds more. Each entry makes you that much easier to find, not to mention they act as power juice for all the search engines. These are highly important for any business. We explain more inside about the importance of reviews; learn more here...

Local Search

Studies have proven, qualifying a lead in ten minutes or less increases the percentages of securing your client and closing a deal.  After ten minutes the odds decrease 400% and the longer your potential client has to wait for a follow up call, your success rate continues to decrease.  More about number and frequency of attempts inside.  Learn more here...

Any type or size of businesses may order shirts and pop-sockets; without issues of:

  inventory loss

•  inventory theft

•  over ordering sizes/colors

•  no minimum orders

•  no time wasted ordering

•  no time lost in stocking

•  no more need to inventory

Order only as needed, one or one thousand.  It's super simple! Just send us your logo and choose five shirt colors.  We make them available in all sizes send you a private link to share with anyone you like.  Zero out-of-pocket expense on the shirts. Learn more here...    

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