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About Leslie

Leslie has been a business owner / entrepreneur since the age of twenty-one.

In 1984, Leslie earned two professional licenses that would shape her life and future for many years to come.

As an Open Water Instructor she formed a scuba business to teach and lead group diving trips to the Caribbean and other ocean destinations.

In the same year, she earned her private pilot’s license and later, instrument, multi-engine and commercial pilot ratings. This led her to selling airplanes, financing jet aircraft's and traveling to amazing locations, worldwide.

During her career, she has also worked in corporate environments but was never satisfied with the red tape and restrictions to make positive changes in areas that were much needed and the “glass ceilings” that were always in the way.

Market Immersion Was an Accident! 

In 2008, Leslie decided to ramp up activity on her scuba business by way of digital marketing.  She wanted to build her own website as it seemed a bit ridiculous to wait for her web designer each time a simple date change or image needed to be added to her site.  

She also wanted to learn the nuances of growing her brand through social media. In less than a year it proved to be working!  By tracking results in Google Analytics it was clear, that her new site had been seen on every continent in the world, except for Antarctica.

In 2009, Leslie created an incredible forum for business owners to expand their brands through digital marketing. She began holding workshops for business owners and other marketers on how to promote their companies.

Leslie found the continual changes and challenges of the digital world to be quite fascinating, furthermore, she enjoys helping business owners maximize their results.

Leslie continues attending conferences all over the nation and internationally.  She has studied intensively and has continually used every form of digital marketing for over a decade, whereas most marketers only know a few.

Market Immersion has been changing, growing, and making exciting advancements!   Leslie finds much satisfaction working with owners and using cutting edge strategies for their digital marketing.   

Digital marketing is powerful and Leslie finds it rewarding and enjoyable to help business owners and other marketers soar to higher levels!" 

What We Do

  • We teach our clients tactics to incorporate into their daily routines that will make a massive difference with their online presence.  

  • We use a dynamic data software to assist us with running “killer ads” that no one can compete with; not your competitors nor ours. 

  • We are extremely thorough with all our processes.

  • We do not waste time or your budget doing things that are not going to move your revenue needle. 

  • We teach digital marketing to digital marketing professionals that have been in business for many years. 

The Future of MI

Our goal is to build long term business relationships with our clients.  We do this by working alongside one another and helping you only in the areas that need improvement.

If we cannot help you increase your revenue we will tell you so.  

  • We only want what is best for you.  
  • We will always have your back.
  • While we continue increasing your bottom line we will enjoy a long future together! 

Because we are in the digital world, Market Immersion is in perpetual motion, we change and adapt to the times and trends.

You may be assured we use the latest, more advance technologies; only one small caveat of how we stay in front of your competitors!

Jody Summers Books

"Leslie is a people-oriented networking genius.

She has proved time and again her success in helping others expand their businesses through her knowledge of digital marketing.

She will create Google/ Facebook Ads and many other ninja tricks to bring new leads to your business.

I highly recommend Leslie to any business owner."

Jody Summers Author/ Thriller Novelist

Wardrobe Stylist

"I met Leslie in 2010 through her digital marketing consulting firm, Market Immersion.

She runs top quality meetings for business owners. It's a friendly and comfortable atmosphere where we discuss our marketing issues and learn how to resolve them.

Leslie is a wonderful leader; she makes sure that all owners receive the information they need to advance their business online.

She really cares about people and I am honored to belong to her organization."

Anna Mc Connell Paris / Wardrobe Specialist

Business Owner

"I have known Leslie's through Market Immersion since 2009.

Leslie will give you new ideas that will help take your business to a higher level.

She created an open environment format where she shares innovative solutions to help her clients for years to come.

I have yet to meet with her that I didn't learn something new and receive fantastic ideas.

If you are interested in learning more about Leslie's digital marketing strategies; I highly recommend her!"

Michael DeLong Insurance

Our Digital Marketing Services

We will bring new customers into your business within in 30 days!

We highly recommend cutting all non-income producing expenses.  

Replace them with strategies that will increase your bottom line.


Once we fix the leaks in your boat we can move full speed ahead!  

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