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What Is Social Proof: Why It’s Valuable

What Is Social Proof and Why Is It Valuable to Businesses?

Social Proof is when people like, comment, or share your blog, videos, FB posts, leave a review or a testimonial.

Why It’s Valuable?  It shows your audience that you may be someone they would like to get to know and trust.  

It immediately makes them take notice when they see many others took the time to like, write a comment, or share your information.  Social proof gets their attention, whereas, with nothing below your work, people will make split-second decisions and may not bother to watch or read.  

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Yes, there is a bit of psychology involved, that is sales and marketing 101.  When people like you, you’re halfway there!

Facebook Pages or Groups (not your personal profile)

If you have a business or are considering starting a business, starting a Facebook page or group is wise.  It’s a fabulous way to begin building a targeted audience. I’m referring to massive followers, not the small groups that are used for private conversations.

You’ll want to begin an email database regardless if you have a product or service to sell, or an online or brick and mortar business.  You will especially want to get the emails of followers to share your blog posts.  It all comes down to the quickest most effective way to get your information in front of your target audience so they may discover you! 

One thing you’ll soon see if you don’t know already, I will not promote pushy sales tactics.  It’s all about attracting the right people who will resonate with you and your brand. 

When we lead with value and end with a soft sell, you’ll be much more likely to keep your followers and attract new fans.  Of course, we eventually share our offers.  Our primary goal is to share more of ourselves and make solid connections, based on common interests.

People will get to know more and more as you begin to give value and share your thoughts and beliefs. When they are able to relate to you and sense that you are approachable; that’s it a bond begins to form.  It’s up to you to share on the platforms where your audience may be, so they may learn about you.

Gone are the days of pushy sales and those that sell, sell, sell.  If you’re not making enough sales, you may want to read this article, Best Advice For Selling Online, as well.  

I used to think that having as many followers as possible on all the social platforms was a good idea,  well that was a huge mistake!  The less targeted your followers are, the more it affects your marketing, and not in a positive way. I won’t go into each of the platforms now.  For simplicity sake, the more targeted your audience, the higher your conversions/sales and the less your ad cost.

If you are not sure what you want to sell, or perhaps you sell multiple items; start by creating your email list using your name.

People follow you because they like you.

If you can help them solve their problem, if you’re an authority figure on a given subject, and if they like you; they will follow you.   Your lists may be segmented later, based on what you decide to offer.  For now, just begin providing them information and ask what you may do to help.

Social proof is a powerful way to promote posts, gain new readers and email subscribers to your offers.

The more engagement (comments, likes & shares) you receive on your Facebook Ads, the more FB will allow people to see your ads and the less the ads will cost, which will also increase your conversion rates and sales.

There are several reasons you’ll want a Facebook page or a group:

  • Posts go to specific people who are highly interested in a particular topic.
  • If people hide you, make derogatory comments, and worse, report or block you.  These affect the ads FB allows to be seen.
  • You may create ads, for many different reasons:
  • Brand awareness by reaching people who are more likely interested in it.
  • Show your ad to a maximum number of people.
  • Gain traffic
  • Send people to a destination on or off Facebook.
  • To get post engagement.
  • To announce an event.
  • To locate a specific audience to LIKE your page.
  • To announce your offer.
  • To get more people to install your app.
  • To get more people to view your video content.
  • To drive more leads, get email addresses of those interested in your brand.
  • Get better conversions
  • To drive valuable actions on your app or website.
  • The more people, the better percentage of sales.
  • Create ads that automatically show products from your catalog based on your audience.
  • Allow people in your local vicinity to find and do business with you.

All the above is accomplished by the way you set up your ads.  Your promos will be seen, only by the types of people you select by choosing your best demographics; a certain gender, age range, salary range, zip codes, city, state or country, or perhaps you select all countries.

Select people with specific interests, there are ways to drill down your selections so you know the people aren’t just slightly interested, but highly involved in that topic.  You may also find “online buyers” of particular types of products or services.

None of the above may be accomplished with a personal profile.

 You may only sell from a Facebook page or a group. A personal profile should never be used as a business page.  Your logo should only be used in the cover photo, never in the small profile section, even on a business page.  No matter how you slice it, this is a social platform designed to build relationships, I don’t know about you but I’ve never talked to or made friends with a logo before.   ūüėČ

So the cool trick to getting more and more engagements on your post….

Create the post 2-3 days prior to creating your FB Ads.

Invite all your friends and family to give some social proof.

Then create your ad.  The first time viewers see it, there will already be comments, likes, and maybe shares.  It is 60% more likely that others will do the same.  I’ve tried it both ways on multiple occasions; it works like magic!

Of course, your copy matters, a killer photo will make or break it too.  Decide in advance what your goal is for each ad before you begin.  All things throughout the ad should encourage your viewer to one “call-to-action” at the end.

Regardless if it’s a very short video (under 40 seconds) or a photo with a few sentences in the post.   The call to action such as:  Sign up now, Learn More, Like, Share, etc.  And your link and name the button to match the action you want your viewer to take.

Let me know if you have questions or would like more information.

Good luck and please keep me posted on your progress!  I love it when people begin learning and suddenly their businesses start to soar!  It’s not difficult; just keep learning one new skill at a time.  Soon you’ll look back and be amazed at the knowledge and skills you have picked up along the way.  These are techniques you will use for any niche, any type or size of business.

Please stop by any social platform and say hello!

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