Attracting the Perfect Patients for
Stem Cell Therapy may be Faster & Easier than you ever thought possible! 


Learn how in this 4-part video series


Video #1

Acquire new patients at the greatest R.O.I.


Video #2

More effective, less risk,  higher rewards!


Video #3

Positioned  above your competitors.


Video #4

Why some are losing while others win big!

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Are you spending countless hours educating potential
patients of the many benefits of stem cell treatments?

You're scheduling new patients but you'd like more?

Consider the costs involved:




Meals or Free Consultations


Event Space


Your Valuable Time  

Are you completely recouping your investment?

We understand that educating and qualifying is crucial for your business.

What if you could zero in on those ready to purchase with 90% of their questions answered before they schedule a paid consultation?

In this 4-part video series we provide a non-tech overview of what most businesses 

are doing; how you may save your marketing budget and get better returns!

What Owners Are Saying:


Cheryl  Ross

"Leslie and her team do tremendous work sending more clients than we know what to do with!   They provide great value while taking the complexities and timely activities off our plates.  I am very  pleased with our business arrangement and looking forward to a long future together!" 

Shane Jordan

“Market Immersion made it possible for our staff to focus on what we do best. Through their knowledge and expertise not only are they delivering more patients, but they relieved our time  constraints so we may handle the new business. They are hands down, the best agency we've worked with.”

John Delaney

"MI does an outstanding job for us. They took the time to understand the nuances of our business, while others did not. They're on top of the recent changes in the PPC space which is something we couldn't possibly keep up with nor did the teams we hired in the past. They've proven to be invaluable!"

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