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The importance of using directories:

Yelp, Manta, Yahoo, Google and 100’s more…

don’t underestimate the results!


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Leslie is by nature entrepreneurial. When she was 21, she opened and operated a dance studio. In 1984, she became both a scuba instructor and a licensed pilot. In 1993, she earned multi-engine, instrument and commercial pilot’s licenses. Her wish for others; "Remain true to yourself and never lose sight of your dreams. Make steps each day toward your goals, never give up; you will make it!" Current interests: scuba diving, golf, snow skiing, travel, cooking, gardening, reading, learning and sharing. Leslie truly enjoys exploring life's possibilities with others, and often recognizes skills in others that they did not know they possessed. She encourages everyone to follow their passions and live out their dreams. She greatly enjoys learning about and supporting others' plans and ideas.

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  1. Rob Scutti says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! Building a good set of well organized, accurate and owned directory listings isn’t that hard, but it’s time consuming and really needs a little forethought before going out randomly and cherry picking what you think are the best ones to spend your time with. The best reasons to invest the time or to have an SEO firm handle it for you are:

    1. To be sure your correct and complete information is being published across the web. This way, any listing someone used to learn about your company or get in touch with you will be a positive experience.

    2. Branding. It’s great to have many impressions of your company name on the first 5 or so pages of search engine results. Why be listed once or twice when you can be listed 3 or 4 times… per page!

    3. Ownership and control of the listing. Of course, true ownership is still with the listing company, but by claiming, you’ll have the ability to keep it current, respond to reviews, add images, videos, coupons, special offers, blog posts, etc. All that content helps broaden your presence online.

    Okay, so it doesn’t seem that difficult to do this, and you might have time in the evening to knock a few out a week… That’s a good strategy! Why then would I want to involve an SEO person? Well, just like making a good hamburger, there are many ‘little’ things that go into a well managed and executed strategy that will pay dividends in the long run.

    Check out my interview with Leslie, learn more about what a professional can do for you, then contact Leslie if you’d like us to make it happen!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rattling informative and fantastic structure of articles that’s user-friendly : )

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