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Cheryl Ann Wills

Free Lance Writer

“When I discovered this group I was hopeful to learn anything that could help me get my small business social media marketing plan organized and underway. I have been amazed at the wealth of information shared by very knowledgeable people as questions are asked by attendees. Each week I leave with useful, adaptable tips from basic web design to detailed reasons for and methods of using twitter and other social media. I have applied them and have been impressed with the results. I no longer feel that my marketing plan is waving in the wind, always on the brink of collapsing. It is now firmly planted and growing as each week I apply more of the gems received from this group.”

Steve Drake Steve Drake


“I always look forward to working with Leslie. Her training courses are extremely organized and helpful. Every time we meet I walk away with so much knowledge that I recommend Market Immersion to everyone.”

Scott MacMillan, Marketing Power LLC

Scott MacMillan

Marketing Power LL

“Leslie is a great group leader. She provides a great community and sharing environment at her Market Immersion group meetings. I have come to feel like the group is family and look forward to seeing and hearing from other members. Leslie is continually adding to the experience with new resources. She works hard to make sure we are all up to date with the latest information. I highly recommend her to any business wanting to stay on top of internet and social media marketing.”

Duane Daugherty Duane Daugherty

Corporate Training & Curriculum Development, Public Speaking, BBQ

“Leslie is a dynamic professional, team builder, facilitator and collaborator. She gets things done!”


Michael-McCarthy Michael J. McCarthy, Ph.D.

President at WebPress Creative

“Leslie is the energetic and effective leader at Market Immersion which is the best place in town to learn about all things related to internet marketing in general and social media specifically. Way to go, Leslie!” October 26, 2012


Michael Nolan Insurance Advisor at Kansas City

Michael Nolan

Insurance Advisor at Kansas City

“Leslie is the consummate professional! Charisma, intelligence and integrity are just a few of Leslie’s strong points. She is patient yet driven, She is confident, friendly and warm. Leslie brings talent and knowledge to any endeavor. The best way to describe Leslie is simply with the word: exceptional.”

Get Found - Get Social - Get Beautiful. SEO, Social Media and Web Design

Jim Grant

Social Media and Web Design

“I have attended Leslie’s Market Immersion group for well over two years now and have benefited in many ways. Excellent education opportunities, the opportunity to connect with other small businesses, as well as other people working in my industry. Not only is there tremendous value in learning about internet marketing and social media but the added bonus of understanding the problems other small business owners face and how they have solved them.”


Carolyn Caniglia Owner, TLC Greetings, Inc

Carolyn Caniglia

Owner, TLC Greetings, Inc

“Leslie is one of the best I have ever been associated with, and her true business spirit is what you want in running a business.”


Amy Kesler

Web Design, SEO, Mobile Website Design, Social Media at In Sync Web Design, LLC

“Leslie is an amazing individual. She is sharp, personable and always on the cutting edge of ever-changing field of SEO. I met her through attending several of her Market Immersion meetings and was very impressed with her knowledge.”

Michael DeLong Sales at Conley Insurance Group

Michael DeLong

Sales at Conley Insurance Group

“I have been to many of Leslie’s social media marketing group meetings and found them to be very informative and helpful in learning new ideas. Her groups are run in a very open format where everyone participates with new and innovative solutions to help your business in many ways. I have yet to attend a meeting that I didn’t learn something new and receive fantastic ideas. Leslie is also a great SCUBA instructor that got me interested in Scuba diving. Her concern for the basic fundamentals of safety and her unbelievable patience with new divers are part of what makes her a great instructor. Whether it is your interest in learning more about social media marketing or become a certified SCUBA diver and go with her on an exotic island vacation, you can’t go wrong with Leslie O’Neill. I highly recommend her!”

R.L. "Dick" Paschall COO Converg Media, Board of Directors at New Horizon Ranch

R.L. “Dick” Paschall

COO Converg Media, Board of Directors at New Horizon Ranch

“I find Leslie to be extremely dedicated and detail oriented. Leslie had a vision for this organization when she founded it and that vision is now shared by many as evidenced by its growth. Leslie ensures this group stays on agenda to meet the expectations of the attendees. Leslie is focused, plans well and executes her plan.”

Michael G. Stults Director of Business Development ♦ Internet Marketing Executive ♦ President of NPCFund

Michael G. Stults

Director of Business Development ♦ Internet Marketing Executive ♦ President of NPCFund

“Leslie is a wonderful person whom I admire for being a leader who is passionate about helping others. Her love and leadership is radiating when you’re around her! I am thankful to know such a good spirited individual!”


Chuck Johnson Information Technology and Services Professional

Chuck Johnson

Information Technology and Services Professional

“Leslie is a superb organizer who provides an excellent platform for the exchange of high tech marketing ideas. Every meeting is a valuable learning experience.”


David Villines VP Mid-America Facility Solutions

David Villines

Vice President Mid-America Facility Solutions

“Leslie is extremely talented and is always leading the way with cutting edge and out of the box thinking. She is the go-to person when it comes to understanding Internet Marketing and how to best utilize Social Media.”

Mary D. Padilla Communications & Marketing Professional

Mary D. Padilla

Communications & Marketing Professional

“Leslie knows how to create a community of individuals interested in promoting their businesses. She has a passion for share her social media marketing knowledge with others.”


Mickey Levey  Mickey, "The Cotton Candy Man"

Mickey Levey

Mickey, “The Cotton Candy Man”

“If you want a quality instruction taught by a quality person, contact Leslie. I network with 200-300 people every week and I’ve never met a more sincere and dedicated person.”

Donna Hanna Fine Arts Artist, DLH Designs KC

Donna Hanna

Fine Arts Artist, DLH Designs KC

“Leslie is an energetic entrepreneur dedicated to helping others learn how to expand business opportunities leading to success. She is extremely educated in the area of social media marketing and enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge. Leslie is a true professional skilled at organizing fun, friendly and informative group meetings. She continually searches for new ways to present and teach helpful information beneficial to Market Immersion members and their respective businesses.”


Ed McPheeters Owner, McPheeters Confidential Services

Ed McPheeters

Owner, McPheeters, Private Investigator

“I have known Leslie for a couple of years and have attended several of her meetings to learn more about Internet marketing and social media. The expertise and information gained in her presentations have been invaluable. She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help in any way possible. Leslie is awesome to know and work with. I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone interested in getting full use out of social media to promote their business.”

Laura (Newill) Garcia Constructing Media - Online Reputation Management and Marketing Consultant

Laura (Newill) Garcia

Constructing Media- Online Reputation Management and Marketing Consultant

“I have known Leslie for several years and continue to be impressed with her professionalism and heart for helping fellow business owners! I encourage people to go to her online Market Immersion group meetings to learn how to market their companies through Social Media – her knowledge and leadership have helped countless businesses and help compliment the work I do for my own clients. I recommend Leslie to anyone looking to implement fresh ideas to market their company. You will not regret the time you invest with her!”


Bill--Donegan-Owner, Donegan Optical Co., Inc. William Donegan

Owner, Donegan Optical Co., Inc.

“Ms. O’Neill has shown herself to be a competent and effective professional consultant on Internet and Social Media Marketing. I have been very much impressed with her educational programs as well as her ability to bring diverse groups of businesses together to share information and learn. She has always conducted herself in an ethical and professional manner and our company has benefited from what we have learned through her efforts.”

Joy-Wilner-Boyle-Exclusive Financial Specialist at Allstate Financial ServicesJoy Wilner Boyle

Exclusive Financial Specialist at Allstate Financial Services

“Leslie is a valuable asset to entrepreneurs, providing her expertise in social media and internet marketing. She is detail-oriented, follows through, and a very patient and kind person. I would highly recommend Market Immersion to anyone needing to learn new marketing strategies.”

Margie Welek Fagan, President at FemCity Kansas City, Art by Margie, Interior Designer, Margie Fagan Interiors Margie Welek Fagan

President, Margie Fagan Interiors

“Leslie is tremendously professional and a detail-oriented entrepreneur. Leslie’s knowledge of the internet and her ability to implement project’s is well worth noting. She is not only extremely personable but a complete asset to any business. I highly recommend Market Immersion to any business or organization.”

Christine-Gregory-Queen of Paws Boutique

Christine Gregory

Queen of Paws Boutique & Spa

”The interaction and suggestions I receive from Market Immersion in regards to things I had difficulties with in social media, has greatly enhanced my understanding of online selling and social media marketing. Leslie made me feel welcomed immediately. Thank you for teaching me everything I know about social media & your support. Because of “YOU” I am living my dream! Thank you! xoxo

Anna-Mc-Connell-  Complice de Style, KC Glam Squad Anna McConnell

Complice de Style, KC Glam Squad

“Leslie O’Neil founded Market Immersion, a consulting firm for Internet Marketing and Social Media. During our meetings, we discuss our business, social media, trends in the market and solve our marketing issues in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Jim-&-Jessica-MacAuley-Paramount Ballroom Company Jim & Jessica MacCauley

Paramount Ballroom Company

“Leslie has given us the know-how, connections, and confidence to get our brand new business off to a great start. Being part of her organization has taught us, in just a short time, what we might not have learned otherwise. “Market Immersion” has helped us start our business with a boom!”

Joe-Gawron-Centerpiece Wellness

Joe Gawron

Centerpeace Wellness

“Through regular participation, I have many legal pads filled with notes relating to social media marketing. Every week I take the nuggets I picked up and work to implement what I learned. As for my business, I have gained a confidence that social media marketing tools are the new business model. Leslie’s meetings are never stale and where I want to be at each and every week. The real value is taking the initiative to apply what you learn, that’s when the growth begins!”

Gail-Keller-Gails Scoop, Macaroni Kid Gail Keller

Gail’s Scoop, Macaroni Kid JoCo

“Everyone knows Market Immersion provides awesome social media tips and tools but more importantly, provides an open environment to share ideas with incredible and creative business owners and entrepreneurs from across all industries and all walks of life. I have learned so much from Leslie’s group meetings.”

Kat-Szymanski Kat Szymanski

nSight Marketing

“I’ve attended Market Immersion for several months. It is always an engaging and eye-opening experience. This is a diverse group, with a large knowledge base in social media and internet marketing and some are novice. I’ve never felt uncomfortable asking questions or soliciting opinions. Leslie is open to all levels of learning. Best of all, when you ask for advice, you won’t receive empty suggestions. The information I’ve received has been something I’ve been able to act on immediately. After each meeting I put the information to use, targeting with Facebook advertising, try something new on Twitter, or experiment with re-targeting pixels, in a way I didn’t realize was possible.

As one member once stated, you need to set aside an hour or two after Leslie’s meetings to implement all the new ideas you gathered. Leslie is genuinely interested in sharing and supporting all types of businesses. Traversing the road of social media marketing has been much less intimidating, not to mention fun, since I’ve connected with Leslie.”

Carol-Wadsworth Carol Wadsworth

Free Lance Writer

“Leslie is remarkable and I am honored to know her. She and I met when I knew nothing about social media or even websites and less about marketing. She had a dream and a goal. Every day she worked hard at making that dream a reality, but more importantly, she wanted everyone who came to her group to benefit from the knowledge. There are no dumb question and no one’s dream or idea too small to warrant consideration. I have presented one half-baked idea after another, but Leslie just let me be me. And when I was gone for too long, Leslie would let me know she had a place and that she was waiting for me. Leslie’s fees are well worth the investment in yourself and your business, your return is priceless!”

Cathy-Weaver-Hydration Specialist at Miracles With Water, Networking on Steroids Cathy Weaver

Hydration Specialist at Miracles With Water, Networking on Steroids

“As one of the first members of Market Immersion, I knew basically NOTHING about Social Media! Over the last two years, I have learned so much about the importance of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging. I even know what QR codes are! Did I mention I LOVE the members who attend these meetings?!” For those of us who struggle in the Social Media Marketing arena, there is no other group that compares to Market Immersion. Leslie tailor’s her meetings to the audience – I believe Tony Robbins refers to that method – let your audience determine your presentation. Leslie allows each of us to learn marketing strategies at our own pace. Leslie O’Neill is the perfect person to lead you with her expert guidance pertaining to the internet and the opportunity to allow us to grow and prosper has proved to be invaluable! Check out her Facebook page and be sure to attend her online meetings, mark your calendar for her next Market Immersion meeting! You do not want to miss them!

Julie Hengel A Vintage Retreat Julie Hengel

A Vintage Retreat

“Leslie is a remarkable individual, full of integrity, honesty, and drive. She has a passion for helping individuals as well as small businesses grow. Because of Leslie’s reputation in the social media marketing arena, her meetings are always well attended by those with a desire to stay current with all the changes, learn how to market on the internet, SEO, as well as many other tools. I highly recommend Leslie and Market Immersion private or group meetings!”

Patty-Kubitzki-Secrets from the Heart Patty Kubitzki

Secrets from the Heart

“I am thrilled to be part of Market Immersion! Finally, a place where people actually join in the discussion! Leslie focuses on sharing social media marketing to help us overcome any challenges we face in our businesses.”

Erin-Carter- Erin Carter

Owner at Blue Dove Graphics

“The best words to describe Leslie: Personable, professional, Knowledgeable. She knows her stuff! Because she is very friendly, she will put you at ease immediately, as you are learning new things. I highly recommend working with Leslie, it’s a pleasurable experience!”

Vince-Brown- Independent Marketing Director/Team National ~ Certified Personal Trainer Vince Brown

Independent Marketing Director/Team National ~ Certified Personal Trainer

“I’ve known Leslie a little over two years and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about scuba diving as well as the “go to” person to help you advance your business with social media marketing. Leslie is, and will continue to be, my source of information. Need help? Call her today!”

Cheryl Wills Cheryl-Wills

Owner/Consultant at WFA Whole Health: Earth, Home, YOU llc

“Leslie’s organization has helped my business to boom in every area by incorporating internet marketing and social media. I am thankful for her creativity and genius.”