How To Create a Transparent Image with Pixlr :

How To Create a Transparent Image with Pixlr

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How To Create A Transparent Image With Pixlr

As entrepreneurs and business owners, many times we need to create images with a transparent background.


In the video below, you will see how to create a transparent image with Pixlr, and how to use Canva to create a nice professional image for your blog or other forms of promotional advertising.


In this demonstration, I am using this as a featured image on WordPress.


With a brief mention of Sumome.



As always, if we have helpful information that improves daily operations, we must share because staying ahead of the curve is how we grow our businesses at the fastest rate possible.  After all, you like to know about the latest tools to advance your business, correct?


Sharing your knowledge is the only way for people to understand what you know. You may be viewed as a thought leader in your industry.


Regardless if you are helping your peers in the industry or people that simply want to learn how, it is the best method to gain new leads, clients, partners, and/or friends.


People will remember you for providing helpful knowledge when they seek information they may think of you first and more likely to become a loyal client.
Your competition may already be doing this.


Sharing knowledge and helping others is powerful, the more you share the more you learn to share.


It’s a never ending cycle that will keep you motivated and feels good about contributing to others growth.


I had the misfortune of helping people that were only into self-gain.  


If  this should ever happen to you, do not take it personally nor allow it be a not be a deterrent. 


Do not concern yourself with self-absorbed people, as all things come around and Karma is a bitch!


Instead, put your focus on helping the many wonderful people in this world who are awesome and deserving of your help and who appreciate you.   


I enjoy helping others flourish.  


So learn all you can, pass it on and always do right by others.


Let me know if you have good “how to information” that you would like to share on any of our Market Immersion platforms. 


Sharing truly is caring.


I hope you found useful tips in “How To Create a Transparent Image with Pixlr”


Bye for now!


Leslie  🙂


P.S.   For more information on “how to” or questions, please contact me anytime.


P.S.S.   If you are a pro in this industry with helpful information “how to” share, please send original content or a how to video to:   If it is relevant and helpful for other entrepreneurs, it will be posted. 



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