Content Marketing and Brand Building on Social Media :

Content Marketing and Brand Building on Social Media


Opportunities exist around us every day. The key to our success is capturing the right one at the right moment.

Recognizing the right opportunity and connecting with the right person is best done through a warm introduction.

Social media is the best method to create a warm introduction long before meeting your potential clients. If done properly it will bring them directly to you.

  • Keep your online introductions clear and concise. Avoid overwhelming your readers / potential clients with topics and information.
  • Make your “call to actions” clear, links can multiply engagement.
  • Involve your audience by asking clear, simple and relevant questions to increase engagement.
  • An eye catching and relevant image will increase comment rate by 98%.
  • Double check images and links to ensure they are working properly.
  • Short, concise videos will increase views, likes, comments and shares by 75%.
  • Develop easy to consume quality content that viewers will want to share with their networks.
  • Snappy headlines result in higher engagement, open rates and conversions.
  • Avoid hyper-targeting that over filter and exclude your precise audience.
  • Offer a mix of post types: inspirational, educational, statistical and comical, and of course, all relevant to your core message.
  • To better understand your audience, use A/B testing. First, run multiple images, and then use various headlines. Do not run both tests at once. Once you have located the winner, promote it!
  • Create an editorial calendar as a guide, yet react in real time to current events, topics, trends and conversations.
  • Engage with your readers and monitor the conversation. Remove inappropriate remarks and comments.
  • Track and monitor and refine your analytic s. Watch your audience, targeting, content that is working, date, time and the frequency that drives the most traffic… rinse and repeat!
  • Run ads or sponsor your best performing posts.

Social media creates 45% more selling opportunities.

Businesses properly using social media are 51% more likely to reach quota.

Businesses, properly using social media, outsell their competitors not using social media properly by 78%.

Using social media properly will inspire trust and allow you to build strong relationships through providing quality content, photos and videos. We call this attraction marketing. The best and only way to market!
There are many more details and things to properly put into place in order to market you, your brand and your business. 

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